Balance your emotions and stimulate your internal organs

This healing method is called Jin Shin Jyutsu and it balances emotions, stimulating certain hand points. This method influences the functioning of some organs. All you have to do is apply pressure for 3-5 minutes on the finger responsible for your pain.

Organs: the spleen and stomach
Emotions: depression, anxiety
Physical symptoms: headaches, skin problems, nervousness, stomachacheRead More

Index finger
Organ: kidney, bladder
Emotions: confusion, fear
Physical symptoms: digestion problems, muscle pain, toothache, back pain.

The middle finger
Organs: liver
Emotions: irritability, anger
Physical symptoms: circulation problems, headaches, fatigue, menstrual pain.

Ring finger
Organs: lungs, intestines
Emotions: fear, pessimism, sadness
Physical symptoms: skin problems, digestive problems, asthma, trouble breathing.

Little finger
Organs: heart, small intestine
Emotions: anxiety, nervousness, lack of confidence
Physical symptoms: heart disease, bone aches, sore throat.