6 benefits why you should drink rice water

A few of you have heard of the benefits that rice water can offer to your body. Boil a cup of rice and strain the water in a mug. Here’s how a glass of rice water can improve your health:

Best remedy for fever
This water can be used as a natural remedy for fever. Combat body’s fluid loss due to fever and vomiting, during an infection. Moreover, replaces lost nutrients in such episodes.Read More

Prevents constipationn
This water is rich in fiber and helps the intestinal transit.

Prevents dehydration
Rice water has a great benefit especially during the summer because it prevents dehydration and nutrients loss.

Treats diarrhea
Rice water is excellent diarrhea cases, both in adults and in children. It’s great even for infants. Rice water reduces the volume and frequency of diarrhea and prevents severe dehydration.

It’s a good source of energy
Rice water is abundant in carbohydrates, which means that it gives you energy. Therefore it is better if you drink a glass of it in the morning.

Drinking rice water can reduce the risk of sunburn. A substance present in this rice water, called oryzanol has this property.